Why Hypnosis
Cognitive Therapies can take years to affect small changes. The fact is, that unless you access the portion of the mind that is subconscious, you will never be able to change the Life Script; the sum of all your experiences. The subconscious holds on to what it has learned and therefore knows to be true. This makes it difficult for traditional psychotherapies to diminish the influence of these most deeply held beliefs.
Hypnotherapy allows access to the subconscious mind by creating a temporary state of hypersuggestibility. For a moment, the subconscious mind opens and allows for negatives to be removed and replaced by positive reinforcements.  Altering the aspect in this way affects long, lasting change in behavior and attitude and restores emotional balance and consequently, physical wellbeing.
How will it feel?
 Deeply relaxing and restorative. You will be aware of everything that happens and remember everything I say because you're completely in control and completely conscious, just in a slower brain wave state that is optimal for absorbing positive, empowering messages. This is a process for replacing self defeating messages with messages of self healing and confidence. 
What if it won't work on me? 
Kappasonian Hypnosis works on everyone!
If you have ever taken a car journey and remember leaving and arriving at your destination but find the bit in between a little vague..? It's because you were hypnotized.  
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